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Surrounded by the huge swirling tides and the cold water of The Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canada, The Kent Island Bowdoin Scientific Station lies ten miles due South of Grand Manan Island.

The Kent Island weather station was founded in 1937 by Dr Robert M.Cunningham who collected fog and took continuous records there for 70 years. The Boston Globe called this the longest natural-world study by a single individual in the history of science. His results were used as the earliest baseline for the study of acid rain and were considered essential data supporting passage of The Clean Air Act.



In the summer of 2107, Bob's son Jim Cunningham (above center at Bob's Kent Island memorial service in 2008) completed the construction of a high quality automated weather station just outside Bob's weather shack, "FOG HEAVEN". Howard Small of Grand Manan created a wifi connection between Kent and the main island, and Jim hooked the data into the Weather Underground network. He also installed two live webcams. The information collected and archived will be used far into the future by the scientists on Kent Island and by Grand Manan fishermen who have no other source for this very particular information.

Subsequently, Peter, another of Bob and Claire's 3 sons, organized to have Bob's ashes placed at the base of the large weather communication antenna. It is fitting that a man who devoted his life to the study of the atmosphere, a professional "cloud physicist" would have a gravestone that will forever measure and broadcast current weather conditions out to the entire world from this remote island in the Bay of Fundy. It was a place he loved more than any other.




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